Teachers of our college were invited to participate in international summit and signed international cooperation agreements on scientific research

Date:May 8, 2019    Publisher:

On 2nd to 4th, May, professor Dong Jianbao and professor Li Fang of our college were invited to attend the world summit on streptococcus equi diseases held in Iceland.Professor Dong Jianbao was invited to give a research report, and professor Li Fang signed a research cooperation agreement with Animal Health Trust (AHT), one of the organizers of the conference, on behalf of our college.

The summit was jointly organized by the Icelandic food and veterinary authority and the AHT, United Kingdom. It focused on the topics of genetic evolution, pathogenic mechanism, prevention and treatment, bio-safety prevention and control, and development of new vaccines of streptococcus equi.The participants are from 16 countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Argentina and China, and more than 60 scholars from more than 20 famous universities and research institutes such as the university of Cambridge, the royal veterinary college, Harvard University, the university of Pennsylvania and the university of Melbourne.Professor Dong Jianbao and professor Li Fang of our college was invited by the organizer for their research achievements in streptococcus.A total of 38 scholars presented scientific reports at the meeting. Professor Dong Jianbao gave a report on the study of new strain of streptococcus equi.

In the early stage of scientific research, our college and the British AHT jointly carried out cooperative research on the prevention and control of equine animal disease, and made substantial progress, and jointly published one SCI paper.AHT is a large national animal charity in the UK, which focuses on research and treatment of diseases in companion animals (horses, dogs and cats).The institute of AHT has key reference laboratory of the world organization for animal health and other high level laboratories, its scientific research level has been in the forefront of the world.Especially in streptococcus equi research, AHT has been in the international leading position.In order to carry out deeper cooperation, professor Li Fang, on behalf of our college, signed a new cooperation agreement with the director in charge of AHT during the summit to carry out in-depth cooperative research in the diagnosis, treatment, bio-safety prevention and control, pathogenic mechanism of pathogens and development of vaccines of important equine diseases.


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