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Located in Weifang City, Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College (SVASVC) is one of the National Key Higher Vocational Institutes and the provincial exemplary one, the largest state owned vocational training center of its kind in the province. It occupies 234,300 m2of constructing areas and we have 12,000 fulltime students enrolled here coming from every corner of the country.

It has turned out nearly 100,000 graduates since this college was founded 60 year ago. It contributes a lot for regional agricultural economy, farmer’s welfare, their job opportunities and updating of people’s living standard. By offering increasing educational opportunities it help to popularize higher education in china and make it possible for farmers' offspring to be affordable and accessible to pursue their college dreams.

For decades we have cooperated with enterprises and up/down stream educational institutes and provided serving and R & D for agro-businesses. It is also a nationally designated Agro Teachers Training Base.

We have more than 400 full time faculty members, 120 of whom are professors. Over 300 have been awarded master degree or beyond, and 300 part time teaching stuffs from off campus. Approximately 90% of them are involved in curricula development and have workplace experience in firms or farms with certificates qualified both academically and professionally. Some were honored or cited nationally or provincially as outstanding educators and others became leading experts of provincial innovation teams.

7 departments offer more than 20 specialties, 6 of them are national level, 8 provincial and 1 state funded.

We boast 130 well equipped training workshops, 2 regionally honored key labs, an animal hospital, an epidemic test center, a joint feed mill, an animal drug GMP factory, 1food processing workshop and 2 demonstration farms. We have collaborating ties with wore than 500 agro businesses, 290 of which serve as off-campus training bases for students. Based on the cooperation “Shandong Commonwealth of Vocational Education of Animal Husbandry” was formed.

We integrate teaching and training into productive activities, learning by doing, and our graduates have long been noted for their dedication, competence and professional attitude. For 5 consecutive years this college has ranked first on the National Agro Skill Contests. In response to the needs of firms or individuals, we offers skill qualification assessment service and issue certificates. Recently, articulation with another two years study in an university makes possible for those who plan for higher diploma or degrees.

We have Exchanging Programs with overseas institutes or firms such as Tianan Lianan College in South Korea, a food institute in Quobec, Canada. A joint venture has been started with French Glon (one of the largest food producers). To improve their competence more than 100 faculty members were sent abroad to work as visiting scholars.

For decades we have committed ourselves with local economic and social development by serving farmers and agro businesses. We initiated a series of such activities as "Project of Supporting 100 Counties, 1,000 Firms and 10,000 Farmers" and “Thousands of Miles Tours to Root Level Sending Techniques and Service” etc. It is widely recognized that we have done a lot for Weifang to be the national largest agricultural city so this college was honored with many titles, like Advanced Unit Developing Shandong and Provincial Outstanding Vocational College, to name but a few.

Based on Shandong, We have served this province and the nation as a whole, and keep close eyes on the development of the outside world. We are confident to enter a new period of sustainable development with better training facilities, increasing serving capacity and higher student employment.

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