A Glimpse at the Specialties

Animal Production and Diseases Control (APDC)

As one of the main stream or comprehensive specialty with provincial characteristics,animal production and diseases controlaims at animal and poultry breeding, feeding and management, their diseases control, hatching of birds and conventional test or analyses of feed in laboratory. Three years of knowledge and skills teaching and training will qualify you with diplomacy and career certificates for a wide range of jobs in animal agricultural sector and its relevant industries, including an official qualificatio of veterinary practitioner.

APDC, Specialized in Poultry Field

APDC, Specialized in Poultry Fieldis the college’s unique training program, specializing in poultry production, their diseases control, breeding, hatching and management, and industrialized factory farming. We have adopted a model called “2+1” teaching and training program, i.e. 2 years of studying on campus and 1 year practicing on farms or firms so as to obtain skills necessary for being a worker in this field, and you can also get both academic and vocational certificates as mentioned above.

APDC, Specialized in Swine Field

APDC, Specialized in Swine Field, is also the college’s unique training program, specializing in swine production, breeding and management, AI, their diseases control, industrialized factory farming, and nutrition and feed of swine. It is more or less similar to APDC, Specialized in Poultry Field except focusing on swine.

Industrialized Animal Production

Industrialized Animal Productionis a specialty newly set with good characteristics, and it caters for new development in livestock farm, and “2+1” teaching and training model is adopted. It stresses the utilization and maintenance of equipment and facilities of animals keeping on farms, and at the same time, giving enough attention to the animal and poultry production, and students can also obtain the diplomacy and certificates as mentioned above.

Medicine of Farm Animals                

Medicine of Farm Animalsis a traditional and main stream specialty with provincial characteristics, which is state financed in an attempt to improve the school’s capacity of turning out this kind of talents urgently needed, and students are trained to have such skills as how to prevent, treat and diagnose animal and poultry diseases so as to keep them healthy.

Pets Keeping and Their Diseases Control                

Pets Keeping and Their Diseases Controlis a provincial level of main specialty started a few years ago. On finishing this program you will master a variety of practical skills in pet industry such as pets’ feeding, keeping, hairdressing, diseases preventing and treating, and articles and appliances preparing for pets and so on.

Manufacturing and Marketing of Animal Remedies                

Manufacturing and Marketing of Animal Remedies, a college level distinctive specialty and “2+1” teaching and training model is adopted. The program concentrates in manufacturing, management, marketing and use of drugs for animals and poultry, and animal diseases control as minor.

Testing Techniques of Animal Remedies                

Testing Techniques of Animal Remediesis expected to train students to be qualify with such skills as testing the chemical compositions and quality of drugs, managing and controlling their manufacturing quality, and monitoring their residue in animal products.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

As a college’s distinctive specialty, it focuses on manufacturing, management and marketing of animal and poultry biological drugs and the drugs’ test, and animal diseases control as well.

Pharmaceutics of Animals                

Pharmaceutics of Animalsis also a college level distinctive specialty, with the “2+1” teaching and training model we integrate animal medicine with pharmacy, and we attempt to turn out personnel with multi skills in animal production and relevant industries.

Quarantine and Diseases Detecting of Animals                

Quarantine and Diseases Detecting of Animalis a college level of specialty with a strong team of faculty members. With increasing public awareness of security of food, quarantine of animals and poultry and their diseases detecting are gaining even more importance. Students who complete the courses are expected to work in a slaughter house, integrated farms, laboratories, agricultural extension work service, or even in government agency concerned.

Feed & Nutrition (FN)

Feed & Nutrition (FN)is one of the most distinctive specialties of this college and “2+1” teaching and training model has adopted since 4 years ago. Students are trained and eligible for such jobs as feed manufacturing, management, its quality control, conventional feed analyses and test and marketing of feed products with animal breeding and feeding and diseases control as minors.

FN, Specialized in Aquatic Livestock Field                

FN, Specialized in Aquatic Livestock Fieldis a newly started specialty with the same teaching and training model. Students will learn feed manufacturing for aquatic livestock, feed quality control and management, conventional analyses of feed components and feeding of them, and their diseases control.

FN, Specialized in Feed Test and Management                

FN, Specialized in Feed Test and Management, one of the newly started major, is also a college’s good specialty urgently needed by feed companies. After 2 years of learning and training on campus and 1 year practice outside of campus, students are expected to qualify for jobs as feed quality control, feed conventional analyses and test, and animal feeding and diseases control

Processing Technology of Livestock Products                

Processing Technology of Livestock Productsis one of the college’s main specialty, and “2+1” teaching and training model is used. After three years of training, students are supposed to have fundamental ability to manufacture traditional animal products, develop new products, their quality control, and master skills of management and marketing of animal products

Test and Management of Food (TMF)

Test and Management of Food (TMF)is a good specialty and “2+1” teaching and training model is adopted. Students are trained to be competent to do jobs such as controlling the inner environment of food firms, test of food and its management, detection of germs and working in accordance with criteria within the framework of modern standard as HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000 etc.

Economic Management                

Economic Managementis a new specialty specializing in the operation and management of livestock enterprises or firms. By means of sand table practice, outdoor and indoor pursuits, simulated training and practice in real battles students are supposed to eligible for managing posts in the firms mentioned above or other industries.

E-Business in Livestock Sector                

E-Business in Livestock Sectoris a newly started specialty. Students are trained to be able to build and operate a web site, conduct business or trade on line for a corporation, or start his or her own undertaking.

Computerizing Accounting                

Computerizing Accountingis also a new specialty. Students are trained to get skills and certificates working as accountant practitioners. Through examination they can obtain a series of certificates such as certificate of computerized accounting, different levels of official accountant certificates, practitioner certificate and tax planning certificate and diplomacy as well.

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