The teacher and student delegation of Russian Voronezh Peter I National Agricultural University visited our college

Date:April 18, 2019    Publisher:

On April 15th, the delegation of teachers and students of Peter I National Agricultural University in Voronezh, Russia visited our college. Zhang Shaoqiu, deputy secretary of the party committee, met with the visiting delegation.

Deputy Secretary Zhang Shaoqiu introduced the development history of our college, the cultivation of talents, professional construction, school-enterprise cooperation, employment and entrepreneurship and international exchanges. He hoped that on the basis of mutual visits, the two schools would further broaden the cooperation channels and space between and contribute to Sino-Russian friendship.

The delegation consists of 10 teachers and students, including Professor Shov Boris Vitalievich, and will conduct a 12-day visit. During the exchanges between teachers and students of the two schools, Prof. Romansov gave a lecture on "Study on helminthism in the Central Black Soil Region of Russia". He held a discussion with relevant professional teachers of our college and reached a preliminary intention on scientific research cooperation.

The delegation visited the exhibition hall of the college's achievements, the innovation and entrepreneurship center, the animal husbandry training hall, the animal hospital, the animal disease detection center and the China Food Valley. They experienced the traditional Chinese crafts and cultural classes such as paper-cutting, kite making, Chinese painting and calligraphy. The delegation will learn Chinese culture, animal husbandry and veterinary technology, and visit our training base as well.

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