The opening ceremony of China-Germany Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Training Center was held

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On May 20th, the launching ceremony of "Intellectual trip to the kite capital--weifang of German high-level experts in agriculture and animal husbandry" in 2019 and the unveiling ceremony of China-Germany Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Training Center was held in our college. Experts and leaders attended the ceremony were:

Mr Zheng Lisen, the party committee secretary

Mr Li Xuetai, party committee vice secretary and president

Liu Taifu, Deputy Director of The Organization Department of Weifang Municipal Committee

Gao Yuguo, Director of Weifang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Party Leadership Group Secretary

Lu Jianwei, Director of The Talent Office of The Organization Department of Weifang Municipal Committee

Zhou Kai from Weifang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Wang Fang, Director of Weifang International Talent Exchange Center, Dr. Boesken, CEO of Far East Service Co., LTD

Dr. Heinrich rolling, Senior Adviser for Cultivation and Breeding,Research Institute of Animal Cultivation and Breeding, university kiel, Germany

Mr. Dieter Stark, Senior Consultant of Cultivation Production and Economy, VZF Pig and Cattle Technology co., LTD., Germany

Mr. Uwe Triman, Breeding Product Manager, VZF Pig and Cattle Technology co., LTD., Germany

Mr. Yue Heng, Senior Consultant of Far East Service co., LTD

Mrs. Cheng Huijuan, Chinese Project Manager of German Higher Vocational Education Association

Mr. Lars Schulz, Trainer, Echaim Agricultural Training Center, Agricultural Association of Lower Saxony, Germany

Dr. Ahar khan, Dean and Professor of faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan amd specially employed professor of our college

Mr zhang shaoqiu, Deputy party secretary hosted the ceremony.

Party Committee Secretary Zheng Lisen pointed out in his speech that It had been more than 30 years since China and Germany jointly implemented vocational education, during which they had made useful explorations and created valuable experience for international exchanges and cooperation in vocational education.The China-Germany Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Training Center would refer to the German "dual system" vocational education model, combining the reality of China's agricultural vocational education, relying on Anqiu practice base and Hanting new and old kinetic energy conversion demonstration garden, facing to agriculture and animal husbandry vocational college teachers, agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises and member units of Shandong Animal Husbandry Vocational Education Group to carry out the teacher training, apprenticeship training and continuing education training,facing to western provinces and countries along “ one belt, one road” to export advanced technology, devoted to develop the center into a high level professional training base integrating industry and education and vocational certificate authentication center, further enhance college’s ability to serve industries, serve the society and regional economic development. The next step, our college would continue to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation with other countries, to enhance the level of education internationalization and actively import high quality education resources from foreign countries including Germany, and advanced vocational education concept, try every effort to cultivate high quality technical skilled talents possessing international vision, being familiar with international rules, to make greater contribution for Shandong achieving both old and new kinetic model transformation, making the Qilu model of country revitalization.

Director Gao Yuguo introduced the development condition of high-tech enterprises in Weifang. He pointed that conducting international exchanges and cooperation was an important content of promoting openness, innovation and high-quality development. In recent years, weifang had formulated and issued a number of policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship of talents, opening the door of friendship to high-level foreign talents who come to Weifang for innovation and entrepreneurship. This activity provided an opportunity and platform for Weifang to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation and exchange with Germany. We would take this as an opportunity to promote the further connection and exchange and cooperation of high-quality agricultural and animal husbandry resources between China and Germany, enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and promote the high-quality development of Weifang.

Dr. Boesken pointed out that the current agricultural development faced some problems, and it was urgent to strengthen personnel training in the agricultural field, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, improve the ability and level of problem solving, and promote better environmental protection and economic and social development. China-Germany Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Training Center project was supported by the German federal education and research, devoted to the promotion and application of German "dual system" vocational education system, to provide support innovation and entrepreneurship for young people at the same time, accumulate more experience in technology, arts, application,and improve the global agriculture and food safety and health standards. With the help of the Chinese "one belt, one road" initiative, the center wouldextend more achievements to the countries along "one belt, one road". It was hoped that through joint efforts, the two sides could cooperate with each other in the field of agriculture, make common progress and open a new chapter of bilateral cooperation.

At the meeting, the China-Germany Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Technology Training Center was unveiled by President Li xuetai, vice director Liu Taifu, Dr Boesken and Dr Schultz.

The first China-Germany agricultural and animal husbandry technology training was carried out in our college from two aspects: "agricultural professional teaching method" and "spatial layout of pig farm and design of production function area".A total of 8 German experts imparted the training, and 15 persons participated in the training including professional backbone teachers of agricultural vocational colleges in Shandong province and backbone technical personnel of animal husbandry enterprises from Shandong Animal Husbandry Vocational Education Group,and some professional teachers from our college.German experts' rich professional knowledge and high professional dedication were highly praised by the students.The students' serious learning attitude was also appreciated by German experts.The two sides had conducted active exchanges and discussions and combined the German dual system with China's reality, laying a good foundation for exploring training models with Chinese characteristics. Dr Heinrich Rolling will also give a special lecture on how biosafety measures in German pig farms protect pigs from diseases.

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