Exchange Students’ Graduation Ceremony Is Held

Date:April 30, 2019    Publisher:

The graduation ceremony of exchange students from Faisalabad Agricultural University, Pakistan and Peter I National Agricultural University, Voronezh, Russia was held on 26thApril, 2019. Zhang Shaoqiu, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of our college, attended the graduation ceremony and issued certificates of completion for the exchange students.

In his speech, Deputy Secretary Zhang Shaoqiu made a summary evaluation of the exchange students’ study and life in our college. He pointed out that during their stay in our college, the exchange students completed the established learning subjective. And their earnest learning attitude was highly praised by our teachers. Through a variety of cultural exchange activities, teachers and students of both sides have established a profound relationship. It is hoped that both sides will cherish the friendship, keep in touch with each other and have a frequent exchange in study, work and life in the future. Only In this way can we grow up and make progress together, be the ambassadors of China-Pakistan and China-Russia good-neighborly friendship and make greater contributions to the inheritance and promotion of China-Pakistan and China-Russia friendship.

The exchange students say that they have learned about some Chinese culture and mastered some expertise of animal husbandry and veterinary through training. Most importantly , they have seen a beautiful and prosperous China and have personally experienced the intimate China-Pakistan and Sino-Russian friendship. They also expressed their gratitude to our college for its kind and thoughtful arrangements and hoped to have more opportunities to learn more about Chinese Culture in the future.

Six exchange students from Faisalabad Agricultural University of Pakistan came to our institute for a four-week Chinese language study and Chinese cultural project experience. In addition, they had a four-week professional internship in Qingdao Jiulian Group Co. Ltd., Qingdao Yibang Bioengineering Co. Ltd. and Shandong Yisheng Livestock &Breeding Poultry Co. Ltd. In the last two weeks, 10 teachers and students from Peter I National Agricultural University in Voronezh, Russia visited our college and some enterprises. During this period, they learned some professional knowledge of animal husbandry and veterinary as well as some culture with Chinese characteristics. The visiting teacher, Professor Romanov, gave a wonderful professional report to the teachers of our college and conducted an in-depth communication with some related professional teachers.

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