Regulations on International Students’ Study Discipline and Attendance Management

Date:April 16, 2020    Publisher:


Regulations on International Students’ Study Discipline and Attendance Management



Article 1 In order to standardize the management of international students’ study and attendance and improve teaching quality, international students must abide by the following regulations.

Article 2 Register on time with the admission notice, passport, JW202 form and other necessary materials.Those who can’t register on schedule must ask for leave. Those who fail to register three weeks after the required date without permission will be regarded as giving up admission.

Article 3 Attend all teaching activities in accordance with the teaching schedule. Absence, being late or leaving earlier are not allowed.

Article 4 Sign in before class every day. Attendance rate will be published every week.

Article 5 Ask for leave in case of illness or other reasons ( lead teacher’s permission for 3 days or less and the college’s permission for more than 3 days ). A sick leave must be attached with the certification of hospital.

Article 6 Respect classroom discipline, maintain the studying order and take care of teaching facilities. Dress properly and have polite speech and behaviors. Deeds like random accessing to classrooms, talking loudly and smoking in class are prohibited. Those who seriously disturb the teaching orders will be punished according to college regulations.

Article 7 Finish homework in time. Homework performance is an important part of study performance.

Article 8 Participate in exams and respect exam rules.

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