The Opening Ceremony for International Students of Year 2020 was Held

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On the afternoon of October 13th, the Opening Ceremony for International Students of Year 2020 was held in the meeting hall on the third floor of the office building. Li Xuetai, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and President of the college, attended the opening ceremony and presented a speech.

On behalf of all teachers and students of the college, President Li Xuetai extended heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to international students. He pointed out that the "circle of friends" of the "Belt and Road" initiative has been extending, the results of win-win cooperation and development are beneficial to the whole world. Our college has the perfect schooling system, complete facilities, solid academic background, dense academic atmosphere and excellent school spirit and learning spirit, which will provide international students who came from different countries of the world with a solid guarantee for their future study, life, and growth. He introduced the college’s overview and came up with some hopes and requirements to all international students: strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic to ensure physical and mental health; strictly abide by Chinese laws as well as the rules and regulations of the college; study Chinese language hard in order to master it; understand deeply Chinese culture, strengthen exchanges and make friends to become messengers of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and make positive contributions to promoting mutual understanding and tolerance of various civilizations and building a community of shared future for mankind.

Irina, from Russia, as representative of foreign students, she shared her three reasons for choosing Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College and expressed her deep love and gratitude to the college. She promised that they would cherish this precious learning opportunity, seize the youth and live it to the full, strive to become the pride of the college as soon as possible.

Du Wenping, as teacher representative, she hoped that the international students would study Chinese hard and experience Chinese culture with their heart, so that they would be able to tell the college stories well, tell China stories well and spread the voice of China wherever they go in the future.



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On the ceremony, President Li Xuetai awarded Comprehensive Performance Scholarship for the second semester of 2019-2020 academic year to 11 international students. 35 international students from 5 countries, teachers from College General Office, Department of International cooperation and exchanges, teachers who participate in International students teaching and management attended the ceremony.


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      According to the statistics, this year, we enrolled 83 international students from 12 countries including Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Yemen, Mongolia, Vietnam and so on. 19 students who are in China have already registered; for those who are abroad, their registration time is up to the development of the epidemic situation, some of them have already participated in online learning.

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