The college started online training for New Hope Group's overseas employees

Date:September 14, 2020    Publisher:

From September 9th to 10th, the first phase of aquaculture technical training and Chinese language training organized by the college for the overseas business unit of New Hope Group was held online. More than 130 employees from Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, the Philippines participated in the training.

Li Shuangping, general manager of the aquatic product management department of the overseas business unit of New Hope Group, and more than 80 aquatic feed marketing service personnel from 6 overseas branches in Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines, participated in the first aquaculture technical training. Ms Shi Ying, teacher from the Department of Animal Science and Technology, gave the trainees professional training on the farming model and key technologies of Penaeus vannamei. According to the teaching plan, four aquaculture technical trainings will also be carried out in this semester to improve the company's local employees' technical service capabilities and marketing level.

In order to improve the Chinese communication skills of the local managers of overseas companies of New Hope Group, the Department of International Exchanges and Cooperation organized Chinese teachers to hold long-distance language training. 53 senior managers from 12 overseas branches in Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Myanmar participated in the first Chinese training. According to the teaching plan, Chinese language training will be carried out for 18 teaching weeks in this semester.

In the first half of this year, our college and the overseas business unit of New Hope Group reached a cooperation intention. According to the company's overseas business talents needs, relying on the group's overseas branches, we will jointly build talents training center and international classes, carry out cultural exchanges, establish "The Belt and Road" agro-husbandry industry and education alliance by integrating the resources of overseas governments, universities and enterprises. It aims to create an international training network for agro-husbandry talents, promote the organic connection of the education chain, the talents chain and the industrial chain and serve agro-husbandry enterprises to go global.

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