Message from The Leadership

       Welcome to this college, a national model and provincial exemplary institution and one of the largest of its kind in China. We invite you to visit us at any time in person or through this site and explore the life of our campuses.

This is an exciting and dynamic institution that allows you to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals so we are here ready to serve everyone who desires a higher education, seeks to enhance their knowledge and skills or better yet intend to start his or her own undertakings in due course.

     Founded in 1955, it is a state owned institute with honored traditions. Compelling and remarkable changes have taken placed since it was chartered as a higher technical and vocational college at the turn of this century. Over 12,000 full time students learn and are trained not only through academic curricula and skill training, but also by participating in extracurricular activities, ranging from colorful campus life to part time jobs in workplace, and to a variety of community service.

    It is a right option to pursue higher education at this college with modest tuition and more scholarship or grants than other institutes, which are offered from different sources including national, provincial and local governments and enterprises or other organization. We make certain that each student receives individual attention he or she deserves, and those from needy families will be given special concerns and guaranteed to get through college work. This college is also a doorway to some universities for those who intend to obtain bachelor or degree beyond. For decades we have turned out a lot of entrepreneurs or executives other than talented technicians.

    Today, nearly 100,000 alumni graduated from here work as employees or employers all over the country in animal agriculture and relevant industries.

    Welcome to browse these pages for information on all aspects of this college, the activities of its students and faculty. If you are lucky to visit Weifang City, be sure to see our campuses.

    Wherever you hope your dreams will take you, it starts from here. You can nurture your dreams here on the campuses, so set a course today, and watch your dreams take flight.

    Thank you for your interest in us, the first step on the exciting journey into higher education and your future success. And again welcome to join us as one of our large family, and we look forward to helping you succeed.

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