Regulations on International Students' Accommodation

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Regulations on International Students’ Accommodation

Article  1 In order to create a secure, tidy and comfortable environment for study and rest, international students must abide by the following regulations.

Article  2  Pay the accommodation fee in time.

Article  3  Before moving in, check the dormitory carefully to ensure that the listed appliances are not defected or missing and sign a Check List. If any loss or damage after moving in, students must be charged whether intentionally or not.

Article  4  Living off the campus is forbidden.

Article  5  Return to the apartment before the scheduled time 22:00. Those who can’t return on time must ask for leave in advance. Staying out all night is prohibited.

Article  6 Pay attention to electricity safety. Don’t use high-power appliances.

Article  7  Pay attention to fire prevention. No smoking in the apartment.

Article  8  Keep personal belongings and lock doors and windows when going out.

Article  9  Any deeds like changing locks, accommodating others, transferring or subletting dorms without permission are prohibited.

Article  10  No entry in the opposite sex dormitory.

Article  11  Don’t waste electricity and water. Turn off the power after using.

Article  12  Visitors must show their ID cards and sign in the visitors’ list.

Article  13 Keep the dormitory clean. Piling stuff or garbage in corridors or throwing things out of windows are not allowed. Clean the public kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms after using.

Article  14  Keep the apartment silent. Talking or playing music loudly, having parties or religion activities are forbidden.

Article   15  No gambling, no drug taking, no alcohol drinking and no pets.

Article  16  Check out before leaving college and inform administrators to check dorms facilities.

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