The Chairman and President of Universidate Brazil visited our college

Date:February 25, 2019    Publisher:

On February 23, The Chairman and President Fernando Costa of the Universidate Brazil along with 6 persons visited our college. Zheng Lisen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the college, Zhang Shaoqiu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Wang Jinnuo, Vice President of the college met with the guests.Our college has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Universidate Brazil. The guests came to our college accompanied by Liu Zuoliang, a Second-grade Researcher of Foreign Affairs Office of Weifang Municipal People's Government.

Secretary Zheng Lisen introduced the education and teaching, faculty, school-enterprise cooperation, demonstration park construction and other work to the guests based on the animal husbandry situation of Shandong Province and Weifang City. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the transformation of scientific research achievements and so on. At the meeting, the planning and design of our new and old kinetic energy conversion demonstration park in Hanting was introduced.

President Fernando Costa introduced the Universidate Brazil. He said that the cooperation between the two sides is very important and of great value. He looks forward to the visit and investigation of teachers from our college to Brazil to discuss the cooperation.

The two sides exchanged in-depth views on animal feed, diagnosis and treatment, pet food and milk processing.The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to carry out exchanges and cooperation in the areas of teacher-student training, teacher-student exchanges, staff professional development programs, to promote the integration of production and education and so on.The guests visited Shandong New Century Testing and Certification Center and Junlin Equestrian College and the etc.

Responsible persons of the Office and the School-enterprise Cooperation Department participated in the activities.

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