The Speakers praised the 2018 International Poultry Summit

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1.From Prof. Sherein Saeid Abdelgayed

Thank you so much for the great effort and the kind hostess. It was more than just a conference, we were one family from different countries. I have attend many international conference but your will stay in my memory ever. Looking for fruitful cooperation between all conference members and that is one of the most positive feed back is the sustainability of our conference. Thank you all. Our conference might be end but our relation should not ended. Stay blessed. Safe back. Love you all.

It is our honor to invited and gathered with you and to meet our lovely Chinese friends. Hope to meet you soon and looking for fruitful cooperation between all the group members. Best wishes and bye bye China.

2. From Dr. Mudassar Mohiuddin

Dear Organizing Committee,

Thank you Very much.

Its indeed a successful story. I believe that this summit will open new horizons for Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College Weifang.

Well organized!

Well managed!

Well executed!

3. From Dr. Raza Ali Mangi

Really, I would like to congratulate Whole Organizing and managment committee on such brilliant Summitt arrangment.

4. From Dr. Kashif Saleemi

Thanks dear all participants speakers and organizers.

Organizers Dr Ahrar Khan and Dr Li Fang and their team did a great job.


5. From Prof. He Chen

Yes, we really appreciate the local organization committee dedicating to this great International summit.

6. From Dr. Farhan Qadir

Thanks to all organizers especially Prof. Dr. Ahrar khan and his team. Congratulations to all.

7. From AssistantProfessorMd. Atiqul Haque

Heartiest thanks to all organizing committee for conducting the highly standard meeting and their cordial hospitality. Congratulations a lot for successful completion of the program.

8. From Prof. Saeed EL-Ashram:

Well-done. The conference is an added value to the scientific community and an added value to our culture. It is well know that science has no country and I will add China is the greatest nation in the planet earth.

9. From Dr.Khalid Mehmood:

I feel lucky to be the part of this conference. Although, I attended many conferences in various countries but here the environment of learning and love in the heart of people was great to be appreciated. It was well managed and well organized with the core of love. So, I wish to pay thanks to all the organizer specially @Prof Ahrar Khan and prof. @张广斌for their invitation.

10. From Dr.Muhammad Waqas:

I am honored to be a part of this conference. It was a marvelous learning experience and hospitality. Deep sense of gratitude to the organizers. Special thanks to @Prof Ahrar Khan  @呼呼 @柯萌 @张广斌. 

11. From Dr.Aamir Ghafoor:

It’s great to be with you and your team. We must acknowledge and appreciate your high class management and great hospitality.

12. Email From Dr. Khalid Mehmood:

I would like to extend my gratitude about 2018 International Poultry Science Summit (2018 IPSS). I feel lucky to be the part of 2018-IPSS. Although, I attended many conferences in various countries including Australia, United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia but here the environment of learning and management was really appreciable. It was well managed and well organized. All the session were on time and every speaker got equal opportunity to present their research work. I feel love in the heart of people and it must be appreciated. The accommodation and food provided during the conference was of good quality. So, I wish to pay thanks to all the organizer specially @Prof Ahrar Khan.

Hope we see to each other again in future.

13. Email From Dr.Raza Ali Mangi

Ni hao.

Respected hoping you will be fit and fine, I attended 2018 Poultry Science Summit, really dear sir it was well Managed and their organization was very brilliant, I attended many conferences but it lead at top among all, I would congratulate whole organizing committee especially Prof Ahrar Khan and his great team to manage in such splendid way and in future you will ever organize such auspicious conferences don't forget to invite, I will touch your management and brilliant organizing committee.

Best Compliments!

14. Email From Dr.Farhan Qadir

Hello Dear,

I hope you will be fine and enjoying good health. I joined International Poultry Science Summit 2018 as a speaker organized by your College. It am feeling happy to join this informative and well organized event by Prof, Dr. Ahrar khan and all the team. I am very thankful to all college teachers and other members for providing such a great hospitality. All the Chinese teachers guide me during my stay of 2-3 days. I attended many other workshops and seminars but this Summit was well managed according to written and prescribed time. Special thing was Chinese to English translation and that was the impressive thing. I did not feel any difficulty during the whole time, it may be due to Prof. Ahrar khan because they are well known scientist and best in English language so all the steps taken by the college was very positive. Certificates format was very good and impressive. All the things happened in a friendly and comfortable environment. I want to say more but i have no words to write more in favor of this summit, because it was well managed by the organizers and their team. I will be lucky if i could join this summit for next year as well.

Thanks again and wish you all best of luck.

15. Email From Dr. Muhammad Waqas:

I feel deep honor to attended the "2018-International Poultry Science Summit organised by your institute. I am really thankful to SVASVC administration and Prof. Dr. Ahrar Khan to give me a chance to present my work in front of top ranked professionals in poultry sector. I cordially extend my appreciation to the Hosts and Conference organizers for excellent arrangement of this wonderful event.

I am deeply impressed by the great hospitality of the SVASVC and Weifang people. The cultural display by the students was matchless. Though I have seen so many live performances in Wuhan, but the students of SVASVC performed superb.

While visiting the college, i observed that the animal hospital had an excellent setup covering almost all the inpatients and outpatients requirements. The labs were very clean, had enough lab equipment and students were working in there properly.

Last but not least, i have to say; "it was a marvelous learning experience". Hope to see you in future again & again.

Thank you very much!

16.Email From Dr. K. Naeem Khawaja:

One of the major purpose of organizing conferences is to expose yourself to the outside world and the conference at the vocational college has successfully achieved it. Secondly, your abilities to organize, conduct and acquire some tangible outcome are tested and your team has passed that too. Now rest is left for following up on the interaction and relationships you were able to develop at national and international levels. However, based on the expertise of Prof.Dr. Ahrar Khan and the supportive attitude offered by the college admn I am confident that new opportunities to expand collaborations with academia and private sector would become available if a strong follow up is offered to this subject.

Congratulations to the leadership and the organizers at the college.

17.Email From Dr. Attique:

Dear all, it’s my great pleasure to joined in the International Poultry Science Summit 2018 as an oral speaker. I am expressing my heartiest gratitude to management committee, all the participants, electronic and print media personnel and especially Prof Ahrar Khan for organizing such a marvelous, well executed, fruitful and informative program which reflects a great impact in the present time. Events of the summit, food, accommodation, communications and other facilities all were very good, time bound and highly appreciable. I enjoyed a lot the cultural evening program which reflected the Chinese historical culture in very decent way within short time. We visited the college campus and different academic section which was excellent, well equipped and up to mark for the fulfillment of student’s learning. Visiting at kite museum was so nice that I know the ancient culture of kite making and drawing of different colorful pictures. Huge Congratulations to organizing committee for successful completion of the meeting. In my opinion this summit should be held continuously for future endeavor. Best wishes to all.

18. Email From Dr. Chu Jun

hank you for your invitation and hospitality.

Thank you, organizers Dr Ahrar Khan and Dr Li Fang and their team.

Congratulations on the success of this conference!

Look forward to the next time!

19. Email From Dr. Yao Wangyuan:

First of all, thank Professor Khan for inviting me to participate in this event. This conference really made me feel the enthusiasm and warmth. It is said that "there are friends who come from afar." It not only reflects the hospitality of your organization, but also reflects the talents of leaders and organizers. I hope that your school's faculty will become stronger and stronger, and schooling will become more and more prosperous. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Director Zhang Guangbin and the leaders behind the scenes.

20. Email From Dr. Zhang Jialu:

Dear organizing committee, it's my honor to attend this international meeting, to be honest, I'm so impressed by the concern from organizing committee staff. Although the weather in Weifang is cold, but my heart feel so warm. I'm so excited that I can meet so many wise and friendly scholars. I sincerely believe Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College will achieve more outstanding achievement.

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