National, Provincial & Firm Levels Grants Awarded

Date:November 26, 2017    Publisher:

On Nov. 25, the national, provincial and the enterprises’ levels of scholarship and study grants 2016 was awarded to our college’s students. Qu Guoqing, the college’s Party Secretary attended the meeting and spoke at the ceremony. Qu pointed out that the grants embody the enterprises’ high sense of responsibility toward community as well as their great hope toward our students, and on behalf of the college he expressed gratitude to the firms that offered the grants. He also hoped that all students to work their best and be the best version of themselves, and cherish their faith and ideals with love for motherland, their classmates and teachers , be moral models, push themselves harder and harder, and value each minutes on campus and take up full competence to serve the community. He also encouraged students to develop in an all-round way and strive to be innovative and entrepreneurial talents. The firms that have offered scholarship or student grants include Dabeinong Group, Shandong Yisheng Breeding Livestock & Poultry Inc., New Hope Liuhe Group, Wen's Group and other companies.

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